The following announcement is from fellow MCSPer Kinnard Hockenhull:

"Greeks at the University of Michigan enjoy a great tradition of scholarship, leadership, service and fraternalism. The Greek system, however, inherits a legacy of social division.

Today The Four Greek Councils divide a community that would provide a better experience to members, become a stronger member of the University community, and project a better image to the world if it were unified.

We believe that not only knowledge, but experience of social diversity is essential to the development of students individually and of the community as a whole.
None of these councils challenge the status quo in any serious way. 
How can students be engaged proactively to learn about the complexities of living in a multicultural society when they never sit at at the same table with each other?

That is why we are launching an unprecedented campaign to unify greeklife and build a community that celebrates differences between chapters and their members rather than dividing them as do the current four Greek councils."

Facebook fan page: Campaign to Integrate Greeklife