1. State of Michigan Youth Volunteer of the Year - Donovan McKinney, MCSP first-year student and winner of the "Youth Volunteer of the Year" award as part of the Governor Service Awards of the Michigan Community Service Commission, will be speaking on the steps of the capitol building in Lansing alongside Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday, April 3, for a celebration of volunteering and community service.
  2. Undergraduate Commencement Speaker - Aaron Gomes, MCSP student and native of Dubai, has been selected as the undergraduate student speaker for the Ross School of Business graduation. 
  3. Conference Presentation - Six MCSP Students, Andy Clark, Ari Weinberg, Kelly Pearson, Donavan McKinney, Sydney Swierenga, and Dan Morse, along with MCSP AmeriCorps staff member Ayibatari Burutolu, will be attending a conference at Miami of Ohio, "The Citizen's Toolbox: What's in Yours?" They have organized and will be
    presenting a session at the conference, "Who's carrying the Toolbox? A Conversation about Ownership, Outlets and Opportunity."
  4.  Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award - Roberto Saldana, who started out in MCSP four years ago, is receiving the Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award in the Goldstein Prizes for graduating Honors students.