Prof. Csankovszki at Biology Poster Session

MCDB Associate Professor Gyorgyi Csankovszki has been named a Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in recognition of her outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. She is one of only five professors so honored this year by the university.

According to students and faculty colleagues, she is known for recognizing students’ needs and working to address them, such as when she replaced costly textbook quizzes with questions written by local instructors and housed in Canvas.

“Professor Csankovszki has a long track record of dedication to continuously improving biology teaching, both as an individual instructor and through departmental service roles,” the description of her work said. “Her students report that her courses teach them to think critically, revolutionizing their understanding of biology and increasing their desire to continue in the field.”

Csankovszki has also served as the associate chair for undergraduate education.