Three students from MCDB research groups have been awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships in the 2014 competition. The awardees are:

  • Peter Burby, a first year doctoral student in MCDB.
  • Torey Ray Arnold and Rachel Stephenson, both of whom joined MCDB assistant professor Ann Miller's lab in April 2013.

In addition, Jordann Smak, a PiBS Rotation Student in the Miller lab in early 2013, is also a NSF fellowship winner.

These prestigious NSF fellowships are awarded to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering.

Each Fellowship provides three years of support usable over a five-year period. For each year of support, NSF provides a stipend of $32,000 to the Fellow and a cost-of-education allowance of $12,000 to the degree-granting institution.

Among the 2000 awardees nationally, 1,069 are women, 382 are from underrepresented minority groups, 55 are persons with disabilities, and 37 are veterans.