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2016 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize award goes to Shyama Nandakumar, a graduate student in the Buttitta Lab. Her winning photo shows "a developing Drosophila eye imaginal disc. All the nuclei are in blue. Green labels all the cells in the eye lineage and the red labels differentiated neurons that go on to become photoreceptor cells in the adult eye."

A collaboration of Alyssa Lau, a recent PhD from the Csankovszki lab, and Will DePas, a graduate of the Chapman Lab. Thank you to Janet Price for submitting this photo and explanation, which shows a concept developed for cover art. "The blue and red is a pseudocolored E. coli biofilm that is being preyed upon by GFP-labeled C. elegans to show how the rigid structure created by the E. coli can protect the cells against predation. The center is an enlarged image of a C. elegans from the test that was superimposed on the larger image."

Runner Up: Golgi Smiley Face from Yanzhuang Wang