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Few places on Earth are as beautiful as Michigan on a fine fall day. Stroll through the Arboretum during the early monring or later afternoon at this special time of year.

Fall Colors!
As the leaves loose their green, an array of vibrant hues emerges. Witness the glistening golds, bright reds, and deep purples of Michigan Autumn foliage. Click here for photos
Throughout the Gardens
Throughout the Arb
Michigan Prairies
Michigan's prairies are dominated by warm-season grasses and broad-leaved flowering plants (called "forbs") that put on their show later in the season. While there are prairie flowers in bloom from late May through October, the most vivid display comes from late July through September. Don't miss out on the fall season, too, when the grasses turn various shades of red to bronze to ochre. Click here for photos
Alex Dow Field (Arboretum)
Demonstration Prairie (Gardens)

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