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Youth Programs - Sensational Nature

Spring-Summer 2013 Youth & Kids' Activities & Workshops

Discover, learn, and play all summer at Matthaei and in the Gaffield Children’s Garden. All programs presented by Matthaei-Nichols unless noted otherwise. Preregistration requested!

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Tues., July 9, 10-11:30 am
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
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Get to know our feathered friends at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Young students will investigate different bird habitats and use binoculars to bird by sounds, shapes, and shenanigans. Enjoy decorating a bird house to attract birds to your own backyard. FREE, but space limited, please call the front desk to register (734-647-0150). All ages welcome.

Wed., July 17, 10 am-noon
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Wetland Explorers

Ever wonder what lives at the bottom of a stream or pond? Come with your waterproof shoes or boots to explore the amazing world of wetlands and streams. Dip nets will be provided to find animal and plant treasures.
$5.00 per child 13-YE-16

Tues., Aug 6, 10-11:30 am
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Incredible Edibles

Who doesn't love to eat? Be a farmer by harvesting vegetables and identifying different pollinators. Using games you’ll learn where our food comes from, and participants will prepare a take-home treat. Program is free and designed for ages 6-12.
Space is limited, preregistration is suggested. Please call the front desk to register (734-647-0150).

Sat., Aug. 17, 1-3 pm
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Mushroom Workshop for Kids and Teens

Presented by Forest Organics
A hands-on workshop to help kids learn the mushroom lifecycle. Participants will learn about different edible gourmet mushrooms and use them to create a one-of-a-kind collage of spore prints. $25.00 Advance registration required. NOTE: This class is offered by an outside group. All registrations are handled through Forest Organics; no registrations sold through Matthaei-Nichols. For information and to register visit the Forest Organics website.

Wed., Aug. 21, 10 am-noon
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Sam Graham Trees Hike

What could be better than a hike in the woods? Trees and other native plants provide food, shelter, building materials, and so much more. Explore this creek-side trail and learn about the legacy Sam Graham left behind.
$5.00 per child 13-YE-17

For further information about these programs, please contact us using this comment form.

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