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Youth Programs - Little Green Thumbs

Spring 2013 kidsí gardening classes at Matthaei. All programs 10 am-noon. Fees cover materials and activities

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Sat. April 13
Super Seedlings

Discover the magic of seeds. Some seeds are only as big as a grain of sand while others are huge. Learn how the sun, water, and warm spring days encourage little seeds to become big seedlings and full-grown plants. Explore the types of seeds that will grow well in your home garden and plant seeds to take home. $8.00/child. 13-YE-12

Sat. May 18
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Growing something you can harvest and eat is a delightful and tasty experience. Seedlings need the right soil, sun, water, and care to grow into delicious fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers. Learn how to make a beautiful vegetable garden anywhere! Decorate a small pot and transfer seedlings to take home. $8.00/child. 13-YE-13

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