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Winter 2021

Winter 2021 Project Descriptions 

Winter 2021 Poster Session


Cardinal Characteristics Database

Undergraduate researchers: Alec Korotney , Jonah Allen Nan, Stewart Brown, & Terry Guan
Faculty advisor: Zach Norwood & Iian Smythe

Conway’s Game of Life

Undergraduate researchers: Erya Du, Faye Jackson, Kevin Ke, & Trey Smith
Faculty advisor: Katie Storey & Jörn Zimmerling
Grad student mentors: Benjamin Riley & Carsten Sprunge

Gerrymandering & Visualization

Undergraduate researchers: Aelita Klausmeier, Christina Jiang, Henry Fleischmann, & Seth Greenfield
Faculty advisor: Samuel Hansen & Tim Ryan

Convex Presentations of Translation Surfaces

Undergraduate researchers: Andrew Keisling, Brendan Nell, Kaiwen Lu, & Siyi Chen
Faculty advisor: Chaya Norton & Paul Apisa
Grad student mentors: Christopher Zhang & Sayantan Khan

Flowing through Confined Geometries

Undergraduate researchers: Bohan Xu, Lisbon Wu, & Rahmy Salman
Faculty advisor: Hanliang Guo
Grad student mentors: Kashvi Srivastava & Hai Zhu

Fall 2020

Poster Session 

Project Descriptions Fall 2020

Euclidean Geometry & Education 
    Undergraduate researchers: Alexander Cepo & Joseph Meston
    Faculty advisors: Nina White
    Grad student mentor: Nawaz Sultani & Kannappan Sampath

Unraveling The Patterns Of Painlevé Zeros 
    Undergraduate researchers: Xiaoqi Peng, Wenhao Deng, & Hexin Cui
    Faculty advisors: Andrei Prokhorov & Jörn Zimmerling
    Grad student mentor: Elizabeth Collins-Wildman & Benjamin Krakoff

Orthogonal Polynomials 
    Undergraduate researchers: Youngwoo Kwon, Cheng-Hao Fu, & Sai Zheng
    Faculty advisors: Ahmad Barhoumi
    Grad student mentor: Anthony Della Pella & Shoucheng Yu

Explicit Computation Of Simplicial And Cosimplicial Algebras And Perhaps More
    Undergraduate researchers: Jikun Liu, Avi Tachna-Fram, & James Walrad
    Faculty advisors: Shizhang Li
    Grad student mentor: Danny Stoll & Reebhu Bhattacharyya

Ion Channel Mesh Generation Project
    Undergraduate researchers: Kefan Zhou, Tex Andre White, Wenhan Deng, & Syed Abbas Ahmed
    Faculty advisors: Zhen Chao
    Grad student mentor: TBD

Winter 2020

Project Descriptions for Winter 2020


Legendrian Knots Associated to Certain Plane Curves*

Undergraduate researchers: Ethan Cohen, Jingyi Gao, Meg Wynne
Faculty advisors: Caleb Ashley and Pat Boland
Grad student mentor: Alex Kapiamba

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The Motion of Point Vortices on Surfaces

Undergraduate researchers: Christian Capanelli, Cindy Sun, Paul Zhang
Faculty advisors: Dan Cianci and Joern Zimmerling
Grad student mentor: Yuxin Wang

Entropy Degeneration of Ideal projective Pants

Undergraduate researchers: Marianne DeBrito, Andrew Nguyen, Marisa O’Gara
Faculty advisors: Harry Bray and Giuseppe Martone
Grad student mentor: Mitul Islam

Hilbert Polynomials and Monomial Ideals

Undergraduate researchers: Joseph Donato, Faustas Udrenas, Zijian Zhang
Faculty advisors: Tim Ryan
Grad student mentors: Zhan Jiang and Monica Lewis

Fall 2019

Project Descriptions for Fall 2019


Curves in Surfaces and Mapping Class Group

Undergraduate researchers: Anthony Morales, Zijian Rong, Wendy Wang
Faculty advisors: Jun Li and Becca Winarski
Grad student mentor: Bradley Zykoski

Growth Rates of Tent Maps

Undergraduate researchers: Robert Buckley, Grace O’Brien, Zoe Zhou
Faculty advisors: Harry Bray
Grad student mentors: Yiwang Chen

The Secrets of the Tracy-Widom Distribution

Undergraduate researchers: Yuxuan Bao, Jack Dolan, Chen Shang, Jiacheng Xu
Faculty advisors: Guilherme Silva and Joern Zimmerling
Grad student mentors: Yuchen Liao

Past Projects

Information about all LoG(M) projects before Fall 2019 is available on the old LoG(M) webpage.