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Correspondence Between SOA / CAS Courses & UM Courses

CAUTION: While various UM courses include material relevant to CAS & SOA exams, those courses DO NOT provide sufficient preparation for the scope & speed required for the successful completion of these professional examination. YOU must do more preparation (self-study, study groups, etc.).

R/E* Subject CAS Part SOA Course# UM Courses
R Calculus & Linear Algebra (Can be waived based on GRE) Part 1 Course 100 (30) Math 115, 116, 215, 217,316 (see Note 1)
R Probability & Statistics Part 2 Course 110 (30) Math 425 or 525, Stat 426, Stat 403 (see Note 2)
R Applied Statistical Models Part 3A Course 120 (15) IOE 472 (best)
E Operations Research --------- Course 130 (15) IOE 310 & Math 561
E Numerical Methods Part 3C Course 135 (10) Math 471
R Compund Interest Part 4A Course 140 (10) Math 424
R Actuarial Mathematics Part 4A Course 150 (40) Math 520 & 521
R Risk Theory Part 5A% Course 151 (15) Math 523
Survival Models

Course 160 (15)

Math 524

These exams are given in May & November; the first two are also given in February. 


* R = Required for Associateship in CAS or SOA
* E = Required for CAS; SOA Elective - some, but not all, need to be taken in SOA
% CAS Part 5A also includes the topic of Principles of Economics (consider Econ 101 & 102)
# SOA examination credits are shown in ( ); these are not credits towards UM requirements!


Note 1: While there are usually some exam questions about Differential Equations, that has not been a major part of recent exams.

Note 2: Stat 531 & Biostat 650 can be helpful, but they also cover substantial material not on the examination.

Note 3: In 1992 the SOA began allowing credit for CAS 4B, Credibility Theory. It should be noted that one who has passed SOA 140 and 150 can apply to CAS and be granted credit for 4A. One who has passed CAS 4A can apply to SOA for 140 credit only.


Also, Math 522 is relevant to the SOA 360 Fellowship Examination.. Math 427 provides general background about Benefit Plans & Social Security.


SOA Course 141 (10) is Segment A of Part EA-1 of the enrollment examinations. {It covers Mathematics of Compound Interest (30-40%) & Mathematics of Life Contingencies (60-70%).} Segment B of Part EA-1 is tested in SOA examination P 360U (15). These courses are offered only as May exams.

SOA Course 365U (25) is Part EA-2 of the enrollment examinations. It is offered only as a November exam. {These 3 exams are Parts A-1, A-2, & A-3 of the ASPA exam program.}


Other CAS examinations include:
Part 3B - Introduction to Property & Casualty Insurance
Part 4B - Credibility & Loss Distribution Theory
Part 5B - Finance