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RTG Supported Theses

Dondi Ellis 2017 Motivic Analogues of MO and MSO
Rohini Ramadas 2017 Dynamics on the Moduli Space of Pointed Rational Curves
Robert Silversmith 2017 A Mirror Theorem For Symmetric Products of Projective Space
David Renardy 2016 Bumping in the Deformation Spaces of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds with Compressible Boundary
Brandon Seward 2015 Krieger’s Finite Generator Theorem For Ergodic Actions Of Countable Groups
Russell Ricks 2015 Flat Strips, Bowen-Margulis Measures, And Mixing Of The Geodesic Flow For Rank One Cat(0) Spaces
Nathan Priddis 2014 A Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau Correspondence For The Mirror Quintic
Becky Hoai 2014 On Symplectic Invariants Associated To Zoll Manifolds
Andrew Zimmer 2014 Rigidity Phenomena In Complex Projective Space
Emily Clader 2014 The Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau Correspondence For Certain Complete Intersections
Geoff Scott 2014 Torus Actions And Singularities In Symplectic Geometry
Mark Shoemaker 2013 A Mirror Theorem for the Mirror Quintic
William Gignac 2013 Equidistribution of Preimages in Nonarchimedean Dynamics
Jeffrey Meyer 2013 On the Totally Geodesic Commensurability Spectrum of an Arithmetic Locally Symmetric Spaces
Sara Lapan 2013 On the existence of attracting domains for maps tangent to the identity
Jordan Watkins 2013 The Higher Rank Rigidity Theorem for Manifolds with No Focal Points
Jordan Sahattchieve 2012 Solutions to Two Open Problems in Geometric Group Theory
Robin Lassonde 2012 Splittings of Non-Finitely Generated Groups
Michelle Lee 2012 Dynamics on the PSL(2, C)-character variety of certain hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Nina White 2012 Bounds on eigenvalues of the Laplacian for certain classes of closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Daniel Kneezel 2011 Verlinde K-theory
Kyle M. Ormsby 2010 Computations in stable motivic homotopy theory
Felipe Ramirez 2010 Smooth Cocycles over homogeneous dynamical systems
Marshall Williams 2010 Metric Currents and Differentiable Structures
Johanna Mangahas 2010 On Subgroups of Mapping Class Groups
Paul Johnson 2009 Equivariant Gromov-Witten Theory of One Dimensional Toric Stacks9
Aaron Magid 2009 Deformation Spaces of Kleinian Surface Groups are not Locally Connected (pdf)
Christopher Hammond 2009 Invariants of Transformation Groups Acting on Real Hypersurfaces of Complex Spaces (doc)
David Constantine 2009 Hyperbolic rank-rigidity and frame flow (doc)
Jasun Gong 2008 Derivations on Metric Measure Spaces (doc)
Kevin Wildrick 2008 Quasisymmetric parameterizations of two-dimensional metric spaces
Diane Vavrichek 2008 Accessibility and JSJ decompositions of group (doc)