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Silas Alben
Associate Professor; AIM Director
Office Number: 4858 647-5518
Irina Arakelian
Lecturer IV; Math Lab Director
Office Number: 3859 936-1775
Erhan Bayraktar
Susan Meredith Smith Professor of Mathematics; Director of Quantitative Finance & Risk Management Masters Program
Office Number: 2846 764-9402
Andreas R. Blass
Professor; Associate Chair for Regular Faculty
Office Number: 3830 763-1183
Anthony Bloch
Alexander Ziwet Collegiate Professor; Department Chair
Office Number: 2074 647-4980
Richard Canary
Professor; Associate Chair for Term Faculty Appointments
Office Number: 5846 763-5861
Fernando Carreon
Lecturer IV; Co-Director of Introductory Program
Office Number: 3847 647-4469
Stephen DeBacker
Arthur F Thurnau Professor; Undergrad Program Director
Office Number: 4076 763-3274
Doreen Fussman
Chief Administrator
2074 East Hall 734.764.0307
Paul Kessenich
Lecturer IV; Co-Director of Introductory Program
Office Number: 3843 764-6477
Angela Kubena
Lecturer IV; Co-Director of Introductory Program
Office Number: 3839 763-3249
Kristen Moore
Associate Professor; Associate Chair for Education
Office Number: 2864 615-6864
Roger Natarajan
Lecturer IV; Actuarial Program Director
Office Number: 2855 763-3204
Kartik Prasanna
Professor; Director of Graduate Admissions
Office Number: 2832 764-0364
John Schotland
Professor; Director Michigan Center for Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (MCAIM)
Office Number: 4846 936-2571
Karen Smith
M. S. Keeler Professor; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Office Number: 3074 763-5048
Ralf Spatzier
Professor; Director Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) Center
Office Number: 5850 763-2192