June Huh, a 2014 PhD graduate under the direction of Mircea Mustaţă, has been named a 2022 Fields Medalist, one of the highest honors in Mathematics. Currently a professor at Princeton University, Huh is cited "For bringing the ideas of Hodge theory to combinatorics, the proof of the Dowling–Wilson conjecture for geometric lattices, the proof of the Heron–Rota–Welsh conjecture for matroids, the development of the theory of Lorentzian polynomials, and the proof of the strong Mason conjecture." Here is the official annoucement. Several outlets have profiled Huh's life, career, and other achievements, including Quanta Magazine and The New York Times. The Simons Foundation, in collaboration with the International Mathematical Union, has produced a video honoring Huh. The video was presented during the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians, held in Helsinki on July 5, 2022. Watch the video here: https://www.mathunion.org/imu-awards/fields-medal/fields-medals-2022