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Rackham Thesis Template

The purpose of this page is to give Mathematics doctoral students a thesis template which meets all the Rackham requirements. We are grateful to Tim Schwider (Ph.D. 2001) for providing some sample files from his thesis. There is no standard Rackham TeX template, and many adjustments to the template given here are possible for experts, but none should be needed.

A quick start is to download (right click) the following six files into a new directory. You can then type the command latex thesis three times to get a sample thesis. You must run this command three times to get the table of contents and list of figures to compile correctly.




To use this template, you will edit the file thesis.tex by replacing the sample information with your own, and adding the appropriate \inputcommands. In addition, you will write each chapter as a separate file such as intro.tex or chap2.tex. Note that, as in the samples, none of the chapter files need any of the usual TeX headers. These headers are found in thesis.tex.

When you run the command latex thesis, LaTeX looks for the various chapters because of the \input command in the file thesis.tex. In our sample file thesis.tex notices that we have the commands \input{intro} and \input{chap2}. These commands correspond to the files intro.tex and chap2.tex.

The file thesis.tex contains the commands for numbering chapters, sections, theorems, lemmas, figures etc. It also contains the commands for generating your abstract, title page and acknowledgments. The text for these pages is entered directly into the file thesis.tex at the appropriate places.

There shouldn't be any need to edit either rac.sty or dbl12.sty. The file dbl12.sty contains the commands to double space your thesis, as required by Rackham. The file rac.sty contains the commands to set the margins and layout of the various thesis pages to Rackham's standards.

The files intro.texchap2.tex are sample chapter files and the file sample.eps is a sample figure file. They are not necessary for your thesis. They are a demonstration of the thesis template and contain examples of some useful LaTeX commands.