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General Mathematics Master's Program

The General Mathematics Program is intended to prepare students to apply to Ph.D. programs.


General MS Math students will receive course counseling from the MS Chair. The Graduate Program Coordinator will process departmental and Rackham paperwork. Information about minimum credits, cross-listed courses, and other matters can be found in this Course Enrollment section of the Graduate Student Handbook. Students interested in a dual degree are advised to consult Rackham’s policies on dual degrees and double counting of credit hours.

Math PhD students can apply for a Master’s degree during their studies. Usually the coursework required to achieve Candidacy in the Math PhD program will suffice, although attention should be paid to the breadth requirement. Math PhD students are encouraged to contact the academic counselor before becoming candidates.

These requirements are in force from 06-14-2021. All plans based on earlier discussions with the counselor will be accepted.


This program has a minimum requirement of 24 credit hours of coursework that includes two cognate courses. In addition, the program must satisfy each of the following conditions:

  • The program must include Math 420, 452 and 590, or substitutes approved by an advisor. The following classes are generally approved as substitutes for Math 420: Math 565, 566, 593, 594. The following classes are generally approved as substitutes for Math 452: Math 525, 526, 551, 555, 575, 596, 597. The following classes are generally approved as substitutes for Math 590: Math 481, 582, 591, 592. For Math PhD students, the expectation is that they take one or two classes outside their area, and they may use 600 level classes, such as Math 602, 612, 614, 631, and 635, to satisfy the breadth requirement.
  • The program must include five courses from Group 1 and 2 below with at least one of these five courses from Group 2. This part of the program can include at most two classes at the 400 level and must include at least two classes at the 500 level. Math PhD students, however, are not required to take two 500 level classes.
  1. Math 420, 452, 481, 525, 526, 551, 555, 565, 566, 575, 582, 590, 591, 592, 593, 594, 596, 597, and other counselor approved advanced courses at the 600 or 700 levels.
  2. Math 565, 566, 582, 591, 592, 593, 594, 596, 597. A more advanced course at the 600 level may be substituted with counselor approval.
  • Two cognate courses at the graduate level must be included in the program. These may be elected from special areas of mathematics or from other fields. The courses chosen must be related to the student’s mathematics program.