We are delighted to welcome these three incredible artists to LSWA this term! They will each spend different weeks sharing their talent with our community in a variety of ways. From visiting LSWA classes and clubs to leading workshops and showcasing their own work, Morris, Monger, and Yun will be enormously valuable resources to LSWA students as they hone their own creative processes, with some even preparing to begin their own career as professional creatives.

Self-taught multidisciplinary artist James Charles Morris is our first Artist-in-Residence this term. He will be collaborating with LSWA February 13-24. Morris “has been engaged in the creative visual media practices of painting, printmaking, illustration, collage, and photography for over 20 years.” He uses his work to “engage in various social conversations dealing with the themes of race, spirituality, history, mental balance, and community.” Morris also founded the clothing brand DSE Detroit, which uses “inspiration from social issues, art, music and observation” to create meaningful conversation and challenge viewers.

Our next artist-in-residence is local musician Timothy Monger, who will be visiting LSWA from March 6-10. He is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist “ranging in style from lush baroque pop to pastoral folk and harmony-driven indie rock.” You can listen to his music on Spotify. Monger co-founded the band Great Lakes Myth Society, and is currently the bandleader of Timothy Monger State Park. 

Jihyun Yun is our final Artist-in-Residence for the semester. She is an award-winning poet and writer who will be with us April 3-7. Yun’s most recent publication, Some Are Always Hungry, was awarded the Prairie Schooner Book Prize. This full-length poetry collection “chronicles a family’s wartime survival, immigration, and heirloom trauma through the lens of food, or the lack thereof.” Yun is currently a Lighthouse Book Fellow working on her first Young Adult (YA) novel.   

We look forward to each of their visits and the wealth of creative opportunities they will bring to the LSWA community!