This year's Caldwell Poetry Award winners were announced at LSWA's annual End-of-Year Festival on April 13, 2022! Poems were judged by categories, which included both written and performance work that was also divided between first year students and student leaders/alumni. Thanks to a generous gift from Jeanne and Will M. Caldwell, the winning students received thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Additionally, all of the written poems that placed will be published in this year’s Arts & Literary Journal. Please join us in congratulating our talented students! 

First Year Written

First Place: Isabella Crow

Second Place: Hailey Love

Third Place: Asha Rajagopal

Fourth Place (tied!): Sam McKinnon and Martha Schaller

Alumni & Leaders Written

First Place: Alejandro Derieux Cerezo

Second Place: Elizabeth Blackwell

Third Place: Rachna Iyer

Fourth Place: Roma Uzzaman

First Year Original Performance

First Place: Tyae Grant

Second Place: Hailey Love

Third Place: Asha Rajagopal

First Year Interpretive Performance

First Place: Asha Rajagopal

Second Place: Tyae Grant

Third Place: Charlie Pappalardo

Alumni & Leaders Original Performance

First Place: Maddie Agne

Second Place: Rachna Iyer

Third Place: Elizabeth Blackwell

Alumni & Leaders Interpretive Performance

First Place: Emma Laible

Second Place: Maddie Agne