Instead of creating a portfolio in the Winter semester, we ask that LHSP
students submit a single piece of creative work.  This should be the piece
that you feel represents your *best* work from the entire year.  Your
piece will then be showcased at the End-of-Year Festival, and possibly on
LHSP's website and on screens around the dorm as well!  (So do make sure
it's something you're all right with sharing.)  Work will be submitted
into the Drop Box on LHSP's Ctools site (make sure it's the general
LHSP one, not the one for your class!).  Use the Drop Box under the
*LHSP Winter 2015* tab.

*Note:* If you are submitting a piece of writing, please submit the
piece in its entirety, even if it's long.  However!  Please *bold* the
section (less than 100 words) that you would like us to showcase.

You'll submit your best work by *April 10*, and it is worth *1 point. *

And don't worry--we'll definitely remind you between now and then!