Part of your LHSP participation comes from completing a three-piece portfolio.  The pieces in your portfolio can be writing, art, music, videos, photography--as long as it's something you made or worked on during this semester.  These can be things you've done for classes or pieces you've created for fun.  But regardless, they should represent what you feel is your best work to date, as they will be considered for publication in LHSP's Arts and Literary Journal!

The portfolio is completed in two stages.  For the first stage, you need to submit one piece of creative work.  To submit, go to the LHSP Ctools page and click Dropbox.  You'll find a folder with your name; you can upload your piece there.  
(Note: If you do not have a digital copy of your piece, please contact Jackie at for instructions as to how to submit your work.)

This first piece should be submitted by October 24.  We're look forward to seeing all of your creative work!