The prize is divided into the following categories:


Best Poem Overall

This prize is awarded to the most outstanding poem(s). Students may submit their poem or poems (no more than five) to the LHSP office by March 29, 2013. Poetry will be judged by a committee of students and faculty, and the winners will be announced at the LHSP Arts and Literary Festival, April 24. The winning poem(s) will also be published in the LHSP literary journal.



The Caldwells have a particular interest in public speaking and the oral interpretation of poetry. Therefore, the Caldwell Poetry Prize will also recognize students who excel in performing their work, demonstrating the transformative power of the spoken word. This category falls into two parts:

  • Original work. Students will recite their own poems.
  • Interpretive work. Students will give an oral interpretation of another poet’s work.

In both cases, students must submit the poem they will read (no more than one) to the LHSP office as soon as possible but no later than March 29, 2013. On April 18, students will perform their work in the evening; a committee of faculty and student judges will rate the students and vote on these two categories.


LHSP Alumni Category 

We have introduced a new category for students who are former LHSP members and are still at UM. LHSP alum may submit written poems, or performance pieces, as noted above, but will be judged in a separate category. The same due dates also apply.


Cash prizes awarded (ranging between $100-$500 per poem). All LHSP students are strongly encouraged to submit poems. Students must fill out an application, available in the LHSP office.


Questions? Please contact the LHSP office.