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Suki Zhao

Name: Suki Zhao

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Year: 2022

Major: Political Science

Platform Speech (Who are you, why are you running, and why should a person vote for you?): Hello! I am currently a sophomore studying political science in LSA. I decided to run for LSA Student Government because the LSA community is one that is incredibly important to me and I hope to do what I can to make it a wonderful place for everyone. As a sophomore at the University of Michigan, LSA has become a defining component of my time here and I’ve come to understand the influence that it can have on a person’s college experience. Therefore, as a potential LSA student government member, I hope to create an all-inclusive, friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone to allow their time at LSA to be one of happiness and beautiful memories. Please consider voting for me as I am someone that will put you first. Your opinions, thoughts, and ideas are all incredibly important to me, and so I will always be a listening ear.


Questions and Answers:

1. Should our student government publish voting/attendance records of its members?

I am fine with either decisions and currently do not have a preference on it.

2. How would you bring new diverse ideas and representation of the student body into student government?

I am involved in a variety of clubs and organizations that allows me to interact with students from all sectors of life. Therefore, I am able to serve as a link between the student body and the LSA student government by sharing concerns and opinions addressed by the students anonymously. Also, despite being an in-state student, I do have to travel seven hours in order to get home, therefore I am also able to understand some of the concerns and inconveniences of many out-of-state students.

3. What are some takeaways you have in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak, and our student government’s response to it?


The COVID-19 has created some drastic and abrupt changes to everyone at the University of Michigan, however, everyone has been doing their best to adjust. The work of the administration, faculty, staff, student, and general community has made the transition easier for many and gives me hope in this time of crisis.

4. What are your thoughts on the student government’s role in the upcoming 2020 election, particularly in regards to how the Presidential Debate will occur on campus and navigating the feelings of political tension within the student body?


As the Presidential Debate and 2020 election approaches, I think it will be incredibly important for the student government to provide resources and support for all the students while ensuring that they do not take a side. There is no “right” or “wrong” in viewpoint and it is the duty of the student government to respect the opinion of the students.