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Technological Resources and Classroom Experiences Subcommittee


SABISS is a subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC), working closely with Instructional Support Services (ISS), coordinated by Senior Manager, Monika Dressler. SABISS offers a students' perspective on improving classroom tools, technology, and furniture such as podcasting, i-Clickers, and desks.


Accomplishments and Projects

  • CTools Augmentation - Encouraging instructors to use the universally available CTools for posting more class materials, announcements, course updates, discussion topics, as well as enabling chat and forum features for a better student learning experience.
  • "Green" Tech - Explore ways for the University and students to use energy efficient technology products, services and features.
  • Small Scale Improvements - Due to current economic conditions, it is necessary to make as big an impact as we can with updating LSA classrooms while being budget conscious.
  • SABISS and ISS Surveys - Gauging what students thought about their classrooms and how to improve them.
  • Focus Groups - Better understand the reasons for certain responses on the surveys in more detail.
  • Clear Tech Initiative - Making it easier for students and instructors to use ISS Technology in and out of the classroom.
  • Classroom Security - Letting students and organizations know of the proper procedures for acquiring and safety rules for using a classroom for after-hour activities.

We are always looking for new members, so please do not hesitate to join us and voice your suggestions on improvements to our LSA learning environments!

Meeting Time: Monday at 5:00, G325 Mason Hall

ChairGabbriella Ammond
Vice Chair: Nicholas Bonde