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Web Content Retention Policy


This policy discusses what web content data we retain and for how long if you leave the university. Over the years many faculty or researchers have come to and gone from U-M, often leaving their web sites behind (and unmaintained and unmanaged). 


This policy applies to any LSA-hosted content for faculty, staff, and students, including primary investigators' research and teaching lab sites, for those who are leaving or have left the university. This includes individually-owned sites in the LSA Unit Websites service (AEM), any sites in the Faculty, Lab, or Research (FLR) environment, any sites in the Web Hosting Environment (WHE), and any stand-alone sites.

This policy does not apply to units that will keep and maintain the content after the individual has left the university.


If you are a faculty, staff, or student, or a researcher such as GSRA, GSRI, or PI, and you have an individual site for your program or lab, we will keep that content active for no longer than one (1) year from your separation from the university. It is therefore your responsibility, should you leave, to arrange for the hosting of that site content at your new institution or elsewhere.

If you left the university before May 1, 2014, you are considered to be grandfathered. Your date of separation for the purposes of this policy is considered to be May 1, 2014, and the one year countdown began then.


Professor Smith accepts a position at another institution, has an FLR lab web site, and leaves U-M effective July 1, 2014. She must therefore make arrangements to move her content from U-M to that new institution on or before July 1, 2015. On or after July 1, 2015, LSA will disable and delete her site content.

Professor Jones retires from the university on January 2, 2015, and has a WHE site she used for her program. If the program will remain at U-M under someone else's control, LSA will do nothing. If the program will be shut down, LSA will disable and delete her site content on or after January 2, 2016 (or earlier if requested).


Approved 2014-05-02 by Sean Green, Manager of Web Services