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Program Announcement

The Computer Upgrades for Instructional Faculty (CUIF) program is designed to provide the funding necessary to provide one computer (workstation or laptop) per instructional faculty member on a 4-year replacement cycle. Therefore, roughly speaking, this year's allotment covers computer replacement for one-fourth of the instructional faculty in each unit.

The University continues to leverage a contract with computer vendor Hewlett Packard (HP). If you purchase one of the standard U-M configured systems, this new contract results in a cost savings of roughly 20% relative to commensurate computers from former contracts. The CUIF dollar allotment is $1,200 per FTE faculty member.

A comprehensive set of specific recommendations for both Windows and Macintosh platforms is available here.

These recommendations are focused on the most common needs and are intended to maximize effectiveness in meeting instructional and foundational research computing needs while minimizing both purchase and on-going support cost. If you feel a recommended system will not meet your needs, please consult with your local computer support staff or LSA IT Desktop Support Manager Phil Bonam ( to ensure that selected hardware or software will be compatible with existing LSA and U-M computer systems.

Please note that you are not required to provide equal allocations to each faculty member for whom you are responsible. You are free to prioritize and allocate as you see fit. However, you should ensure that no one has a computer more than four years old, as computers older than 4 years have a much higher incidence of failure, increased security exposure, and associated productivity loss to users. Computers replaced through the CUIF program should be sent directly to Property Disposition or returned to LSA IT, and not “handed down” to other faculty or staff, or allowed to be moved to a faculty member’s home, as these older machines are more prone to failure and other productivity losses.

Your FY2018 CUIF allocation was transferred at the same time as your budget allocation and appears in your FY18 Red Book. You can also review the allocation on the MRS, under Budget and Supporting Documents. 

Download an Excel spreadsheet for details on the amount of your unit's allocation and the list of faculty on whom your unit's allocation is based.

Please contact Phil Bonam ( or me with any questions.