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LSA Information Technology (LSA IT) provides computing support to units that are part of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Tier 1

LSA IT provides first-tier support via the Customer Experience Team, who have several walk-in locations across Central Campus including:

  • Angell Hall
  • Chemistry Building
  • East Hall
  • Randall Laboratory

You can walk in to any of these 4 locations for service. The Customer Experience Team can also be reached by telephone (734.936.3279) or email (

In addition, LSA IT provides first-tier support for the U-M Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS) environment, including the High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. You can email directly for assistance.

Tier 2

LSA IT provides second-tier support via its regional support teams, co-located at the 4 walk-in locations, as well as the Kraus Natural Science Building, the LSA Building, and the Modern Languages Building (MLB). Please note that there are no walk-in services at Kraus, LSA, or MLB.

Tier 3

LSA IT also has two teams providing third-tier support college-wide:

Advocacy and Research Support (ARS)

The Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) team provides personal attention to and a focus on a unit's Information Technology (IT) needs. ARS seeks to achieve this by providing units with an Advocate, a dedicated individual who operates alongside the myriad of IT support organizations that exist at the University. (If your unit does not currently have an Advocate, and is interested in receiving ARS services, please contact ARS team lead, Erin Dietrich,

One of your Advocate's primary roles is to assist you in navigating that complex ecosystem of campus IT support groups. When you're not sure whom to ask for help with an IT issue, start by contacting your Advocate. Or, when you have a complicated IT need, which involves collaboration among multiple campus IT resources, include your Advocate in the loop, and they can help you organize and manage the process. In addition, your Advocate is also available to collaborate with you on the design and development of IT solutions, assist in building relationships between you and other researchers facing similar IT issues, and represent you and your unit’s IT interests to groups across campus.

As an organization, LSA IT also provides a variety of Research Support services in the areas of grants, procurement, data management, programming, device integration, geographic information systems, and high-performance computing. In units without local IT Research Support services, your ARS Advocate, or one or more of their colleagues, depending on the area of expertise required, can provide such services.


The Infrastructure team provides IT infrastructure support to the entire college.