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Research Theme Semester

Some research problems, applications, and solutions are common across a number of disciplines. The aim of these semester-long series of events is to bring faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students together from various disciplines in order to develop new areas of research.  Requests that bring together faculty hired through the Presidents Interdisciplinary Faculty Initiative Program are encouraged.  Also, proposals which anticipate that new funding opportunities will result in the submission of a Center proposal will be given a high priority.

The College wishes to encourage these collaborations and will provide funding to faculty on a competitive basis to conduct an Interdepartmental Research Theme Semester (IRTS). Funding for the Interdepartmental Research Theme Semester is provided through the Research Office of Divisional Affairs in the LSA Office of the Dean. Requests must be submitted through eGIF to the appropriate Divisional Associate Dean. The eGIF application should include:

  • An outline of how the proposed research area will spark collaborations in a new way between departments, colleges, and outside the University.
  • Description of proposed events, description of potential participants, letters of support from related units.
  • Names of proposed Steering Committee who will help develop theme semester activities for the IRTS including courses, keynote speakers, seminar topics, etc.
  • Budget with justification (department commitment of administrative assistance can count as a portion of their contribution).

Please note that a final report on the outcome of your project is required.  Contact us at 734.647.2151 if you have any questions.

Once your project is selected here is how to proceed:

  • Enlist the help of department staff support for all activities.
  • Convene Steering Committee to develop activities for the IRTS including courses, keynote speakers, seminar topics, etc.
  • Write an overview of activities for LSA Webpage.
  • Add the Interdepartmental Research Theme Semester events to the LSA Calendar of Events and the University Calendar.
  • Create a poster for advertisement and distribute to the appropriate schools/units.
  • Create an email group for advertising and discussion.
  • Submit expenditures for transfer.
  • Write final report.

Previous Research Theme Semesters

Information about past semesters. Feel free to use this information in generating your proposal for a potential future semester.