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Michigan Humanities Award



DATE:      September 9, 2016

FROM:    Anne Curzan, Associate Dean for Humanities

                Professor of English Language and Literature, Linguistics, & Education

TO:          LSA Chairs, Directors, and Faculty / Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions

RE:          LSA Michigan Humanities Awards

I am very pleased to announce the annual competition or the LSA Michigan Humanities Awards (MHA), with fellowships awarded annually that provide a term off with salary for those working on projects in the humanities and qualitative social sciences.



  • Applicants must be tenured, full-time LSA faculty members engaged in major scholarly and creative projects in the humanities and qualitative social sciences. Applicants must be in at least their one full year of teaching required after a leave before applying. Because this is a scholarly activity leave, terms on this award do not count toward sabbatical.
  • These fellowships may be combined with other awards including sabbatical, duty off-campus, and/or external fellowships.
  • MHAs may be deferred for future use for up to two years. In order to spread the available opportunitiesfor time off through the eligible faculty members, faculty who apply for a fellowship at the Institute for the Humanities or the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies are not eligible to apply for an MHA in the same year and vice versa. Previous recipients of an MHA may not reapply for five years from the time the award is taken. Associate professors who are eligible for the Associate Professor Support Fund are encouraged to apply for those funds to support major projects for promotion.
  • Current department chairs and directors are excluded from applying because of the central role theyplay in the evaluation process.


Questions about the awards and the application process can be addressed to Anne Curzan, LSA Associate Dean for Humanities ( or the LSA Director of Research Office (


Selection Panel:

Selection panel named by the Dean of LSA

Selection Criteria:

Merit of proposed project and record of scholarly and pedagogical achievement

Date of notification:

Befort the end of the Fall term

Award to unit: 

Replacement instructors should be appointed as part of the unit's supplemental instruction budget model. Department should contact their financial analyst with questions.

Last updated September 9, 2016


Past Recipients (2010 - Present)

2015-16 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Marlyse Baptista  Linguistics
Ruth Caston  Classical Studies
Daniel Hack  English
Sofya Khagi Slavic Languages and Literatures
Karyn Lacy Sociology
Barbra Meek Anthropology
Lisa Nevett Classical Studies
Martin Powers History of Art
Rebecca Scott  History/Law
Raymond Silverman History of Art
2014-15 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Sarah Buss Philosophy
Patricia Simons History of Art/Women's Studies
Matthew Lassiter History
Magdalena Zaborowska Am. Culture/DAAS
Katharine Jenckes Romance
Ian Moyer History
George Hoffmann Romance
Fernando Arenas Romance/DAAS
Erik Mueggler Anthropology
Basil Dufallo Comparative Literature/Classical
Andrew Herscher Slavic/History of Art/Arch. & Urban Planning
Alexander Potts History of Art
Adela Pinch English/Women's
Acrisio Pires Linguistics


2013-14 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Alexander Potts History of Art
Adela Pinch English
Sarah Buss Philosophy
Matthew Lassiter History
Basil Dufallo Classical Studies
Magdalena Zaborowska American Culture
Andrew Hersher Slavic Languages and Literatures and Taubman College of Architecture
Patricia Simons History of Art
George Hoffmann Romance Languages and Literatures
Erik Mueggler Anthropology
Ian Moyer History
Acrisio Pires Linguistics
Kate Jenckes Romance
Fernando Arenas DAAS/Romance
2012-13 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Elizabeth Anderson Philosophy
Naomi Andre
Residential College and
Department of Women’s Studies
Giorgio Bertellini Romance Languages & Literatures and  
Screen Arts and Cultures
Christian de Pee History
Valerie Kivelson History
Tad Schmaltz Philosophy
Susan Siegfried History of Art and Women’s Studies
Achim Timmermann History of Art
Gustavo Verdesio American Culture and Romance Languages & Literatures
Johannes Von Moltke Germanic Languages & Literatures and  Screen Arts & Cultures
2011-12 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Enrique Garcia Santo-Tomas Romance
Jonathan Zwicker ALC
Michael Awkward English/DAAS
Susan Scott Parrish English
Brian Porter-Szucs History
Pamela Brandwein Political Science
Victoria Johnson Org Studies
Andrea Patricia Zemgulys English/Women's Studies
Raymond Van Dam History/NES
Yeidy Rivero Screen Arts/American Culture
Victor Caston Philosophy
Gabrielle Hecht History
2010-11 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Juli Highfill Romance
Linda Gregerson English
Peggy McCracken Romance & Women's Studies
Rebecca Zurier History of Art
Catherine Sanok English
Nadine Hubbs Women's Studies
Vincenzo Binetti Romance
Susan Najita American Culture & English
Robin Renee Means Coleman CAAS & Comm Studies
Silke-Maria Weineck German & Comparative Lit

Past Recipients (2004-2010)

2009-10 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Michael Bonner Near Eastern Stds.
Catherine Brown Comparative Literature
Andreas Gailus German
Richard Janko Classics 
Martha Jones History
Stuart Kirsch Anthropology
Olga Maiorova Slavic
Robin Queen Linguistics
2008-09 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Nicola Terrenato  Classical Studies
Derek Vaillant  Communication Studies
Santiago Colas  Comparative Literature
Nick Delbanco  English Language & Literature
Alan Wald  English Language & Literature/American Culture
Kathleen Canning  History
Paolo Squatriti  History/Romance Language & Literature
Jarrod Hayes  Romance Language & Literature
Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola  Romance Language & Literature
2007-08 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Benjamin Acosta-Hughes Classical Studies
Arthur Verhoogt Classical Studies
Sandra Gunning English
Lincoln Faller English
Gregg Crane English
Theresa Tinkle English
David Hancock History
Terry Wilfong Kelsey Museum
Kathryn Babayan Near Eastern Studies
Louis Loeb Philosophy
Elizabeth Rose Wingrove Political Science
Wang Zheng Women's Studies
Elizabeth Cole Women's Studies
2006-07 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Alaina  Lemon Anthro
Sara Ahbel-Rappe  Classical Studies
Julie Ellison English
Anne Gere English
Xiomara Santamarina English
George Steinmetz German
Yaron  Eliav Near East Stds.
Lawrence Sklar Sklar
2005-06 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Anne Herrmann English
Helmut Puff Germanic Languages and Literatures
San Duanmu Linguistics
Augustin Holl Museum of Anthropology
Elizabeth Anderson Philosophy
Kendall Walton Philosophy
June Howard Rackham, American Culture
Beth Genne Residential College
Cristina Moreiras-Menor Romance Languages and Literatures
William Paulson Romance Languages and Literatures
Dena Goodman Women’s Studies
2004-05 Michigan Humanities Award Winners
Judith Irvine  Anthropology
Vassilios Lambropoulos  Classical Studies
David Halperin  English
Sara Blair  English
Scott Spector  Germanic Languages, History
Maria Montoya  History, American Culture
Janet Richards Near Eastern Studies
Allan Gibbard  Philosophy
Frieda Ekotto  Romance Languages
Andreas Schonle  Slavic Languages