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This research program is intended to empower interdisciplinary teams of University of Michigan faculty to pursue new, groundbreaking initiatives with major societal impact through the establishment of a distributed, highly responsive seed-funding program. The program is designed to minimize the time between idea conception and successful research results by providing immediate startup funds for novel, high-risk and transformative interdisciplinary research projects. The funds are intended to generate data for groundbreaking, high-impact publications with broad societal impact, or preliminary results for new, innovative research proposals. The program will also include high-visibility, campus-wide research symposia to showcase this groundbreaking research.

Token distribution and redemption: All LSA tenure and tenure-track faculty members, research scientists, associate research scientists, assistant research scientists, research professors, and associate research professors with a 50% or greater appointment in the College are eligible and have been loaded into MCube.  Below are details for LSA faculty.  Additional info can be found at the MCubed2.0 website.

  • Each division has been granted 100 funded tokens (made up of regular and mini tokens)
  • Faculty member makes a contribution for the regular token once it is put into a funded cube ($20,000 per token-$60,000 per cube:  Provost 6,666; College 5,000, PI 8,333)
  • Faculty member does NOT make a contribution for the mini token ($5,000 per token-$15,000 per cube:  Provost $1,667, College $3,333)
  • Once your faculty member has found their project and entered their token to make the cube the SAPOC they list will be contacted to verify that funds are available in the shortcode provided.  (Attached is more information on how the financials work.)
  • If it is for a mini cube they use 111111 as the shortcode since they won't make a contribution.
  • Like the last MCubed process there will be a few rounds where the system randomly picks the projects that are approved to be cubed.  This is to ensure fairness for the small schools.