For students, staying in the loop on all things LSA can be a bit overwhelming at times. There is so much cool and interesting news happening all at once, and you may not always be able to keep up with what’s going on. LSA is helping to change that with the launch of a new Instagram series.

One Tough Question is a series of live short videos connecting students with LSA faculty and staff, who will discuss various topics related to LSA, from the Opportunity Hub to our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, the new U-M Museum of Natural History (UMMNH), and more. Each live interview starts with “one tough question” chosen earlier by voters on Instagram, and then opens up for questions from viewers. Through the series, students will have access to the LSA leadership team in a new, innovative way.

The pilot video, launched in January, featured Fiona Lee, associate dean of diversity, equity, inclusion and professional development. The series continued with Paula Wishart, assistant dean of student development and career initiatives, who talked about the many offerings of the Opportunity Hub. The next video will be on April 8 and features Amy Harris, director of the UMMNH, who will talk about the museum’s grand opening coming April 14.

Future episodes include Angela Dillard and Lisa Nakamura, who will focus on inclusive learning and the newly launched Digital Studies Institute, respectively.

Missed the live streams on Instagram? No worries. You can watch all episodes of One Tough Question on the LSA YouTube page.