If you had to sum up your thoughts about race in just six words, what would you say?

That’s the question posed to the U-M community as part of the Race Card Project, an initiative created by National Public Radio journalist Michele Norris. U-M is the first university to participate formally in the project. By filling out postcards or submitting online, students, alumni, faculty, and staff have shared a range of viewpoints and anecdotes. The image gallery below offers a sampling.

“Race is something people want to talk about, but might not know how to begin the conversation,” Norris said when launching the project on campus in March. Since the Race Card Project’s inception three years ago, it has received thousands of cards from around the world—including people from Afghanistan, Great Britain, Chile, South Korea, Belgium, and Abu Dhabi.

Promoted as part of LSA’s Understanding Race theme semester, the campus project will culminate April 18 in an exhibit on the Diag and a 4:00 P.M. town hall meeting with Norris at Rackham Auditorium.

Click here to see a full agenda for the day, and click here to submit and/or view more Race Card Project submissions from the U-M community. You may also join the conversation on Twitter: #TheRaceCardProject and #UMtheme.