Dealing with the invisible, the inscrutable, the indefinable, and the unknowable is challenging work. Sometimes boldness is what is required to complete it. Sometimes vigilance or subtlety. And sometimes it is the courage to just allow a confusing, ambiguous thing or idea to be what it is—to meet it on its own terms.

Follow LSA Victors and visionaries as they uncover hidden histories and illuminate unseen actors in the spring 2016 issue of LSA Magazine.


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
One LSA program gives recent grads a chance to learn about the world—and themselves—all expenses paid. Join LSA on a world tour featuring student photographs—and stories—from around the globe.

Seeing the Unseen
There’s nothing more unsettling than staring into the unknown, but probing its secrets can bring new insight and new perspectives. LSA brings you four stories of visionaries finding new ways to see the unseen.

An Execution in the Family
Robert Meeropol was only six years old when his parents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were executed for espionage. Now Meeropol is fighting to exonerate his mother while continuing to build his life’s work—an organization that provides support for the children of targeted activists.

Skeleton Key
Luck, two spelunkers, and an unusual Facebook ad led to a monumental discovery that an international team of researchers believe is a new species of human.