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Fall 2014 LSA Magazine Features

The Next Big Thing
Take a tour of tomorrow with LSA faculty and student prognosticators who aren't just predicting the future. They're building a better one.

The Dead Elephant in the Room
Intrepid Professor Dan Fisher deals with dead elephants and pickled pond meat as part of his quest to understand how prehistoric humans survived in the ancient world.

The Searchers
In November 1942, a Coast Guard rescue plane vanished in southeastern Greenland. An LSA alumnus takes us inside the mission to find the plane and bring the men aboard it home.

More Stories from the Magazine

42.22 N, 83.75 W

Animal House
It was a modest but thriving zoo.

The Outsiders Archive
199 boxes of journals, research notes, and script drafts from the life of John Sayles.

The Michigan Difference

The “M” in Morocco
11 students in three locations: an orphanage, a hospital, and a school.

No Such Thing as Typical
The first prognosis he read: “Usually fatal.”

Too Much Football
A U-M football hero deems college athleticss “a poor bargain for the boys who play the game.”

Mapping Slavery in Detroit
Reclaiming an essentiaal part of the city’s history.

Spin the Cube

Socket to Me
Can you picture what a thousandth of an inch is?

How to Finish College in an Hour
Tea with President Ruthven, ahead 7; mistaken for a freshman, back 3.

In Detroit, LSA Is on the Map
Culture, commerce, and cuisine are front and center.

The Last Word

The Only One
A girl in tech.