LSA Magazine Spring 2015

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The Diary of a Cactus Hunter

U-M botanists Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter risked their lives collecting cacti on the Colorado River. They were also the first women to survive a trip through the Grand Canyon.

Toxic Tours and Chimp Lasers

Follow LSA students as they travel the world, measuring chimps with lasers and digitizing guerrilla radio broadcasts.

The Art of the Arab Uprisings

The protests of the Arab Spring gave voice to thousands of artists who filled squares and walls with plays, posters, murals, and—most surprisingly—jokes.

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42.22 N, 83.75 W

Hula Down the Hall
The most fun end-of-the-semester ever.

No More Professor John Doe
Names can be tricky.

The Michigan Difference

Dancing Queen
There she went, Miss America.

Zombie Satellites and Other Space Trash Dangers
How to clean your orbit.

Helping Survivors
Shaping a world where people ask tough questions.

We Meet Again, Dory Gannes
My dear, this is not how it is done here in Tanzania.

The Unlikely Recruit
I would love to hire these guys.

Parks and Reputation
Plastic was strewn across Point Reyes National Seashore.

Hammer Time!
Thor. X-Men. Batman. The Avengers. Spider-Man.

The Bookshelf War
Bookstores versus

Spin the Cube

In Pursuit of The Holy Braille
What do you get when you put two engineers and one percussionist in a room?

Around the World in 80 Buses
Five countries. Three continents. A better way.

The Last Word

The Path Less Traveled
Confessions of a vagabond rock climber.