Residential College Professor Michael Gould is a voracious collaborator. He's worked with engineers to try to create an electronic Braille reader, which you can read about in the next issue of LSA Magazine. He's partnered with materials scientists to explore the properties of metal cooled to extreme temperatures, and he has also used the principles of rhythm to help swimmers learn how to swim faster. And for the next few days we can see the product of a new collaboration with Henry Pollack, U-M emeritus professor of geophysics and co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and U-M musician and composer Steven Rush, to create a multimedia installation to help people think about climate change.

Check out our video above to get a sense of what this immersive, meditative exhibit is all about. 

World Without Ice Installation

March 26, March 27, and March 28, 2014; 12:00-7:30 P.M.
Duderstadt Center, Video South, U-M North Campus