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Fall 2015 LSA Magazine Features

Animated Life

Sharon Shattuck spent years preparing for a life in botany before she uprooted her life and career, planted herself in New York City, and flipped the script as a scientist-turned-filmmaker.

The Case for Diversity

Diversity affects how a group looks and how it performs. Professor Scott Page did the math, proving diversity makes groups stronger—something LSA knows from experience.

Mad Man

Thirty years before Photoshop, artist Robert Heinecken transformed advertising images into works of art. History of Art Professor Matt Biro shows us the life of a forgotten genius.

Adventures in Mathematics

An LSA graduate student challenges the boundaries between math and art, combining calculations with comic panels to illustrate why math rules.

More Stories from the Magazine

42.22 N, 83.75 W

First Class
It was his first day, and he was already behind.

The Gene Team
Rewriting the facts of life.

Old Tap Meets the Lightning Calculator
“The calculator contorted, fidgeted, and fussed.”

The Michigan Difference

Forever Is a Long Time to Guess
The transcendent qualities of the guitar solo from “November Rain.”

Get to the (Data) Point
Breaking down big data.

Atomic Pentameter
Protons, poems, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Spin the Cube

Who Calls the Shots?
A powerful court that no one has heard of.

The Future of Comedy
Patton Oswalt is God. Will Forte is the president. There are mole people.

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