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Spring 2020 LSA Magazine Features

Climate Control

By square footage, U-M is the biggest research university on the planet—which is why the student group Clean Wolverines and the faculty that led them thought committing to carbon neutrality was so important.

Raising Their Voices

Communities that were once marginalized by opera are taking the stage. LSA Professor Naomi André explores what it means for them to tell their own stories.

Never Fear

Yevgenia Albats, Distinguished Faculty Fellow at the International Institute, has taken on torturers, Putin, and the KGB. Now she’s using her experiences to help LSA students understand Russia and how it fits into the rest of the world.

More Stories from the Magazine

Rewriting the Monarch Story
Every winter millions of monarchs migrate to the same places in Mexico. But do we actually know just how they do it? LSA Professor D. André Green wants to find out.

Criminal Record
Alumna Carly Marten was the first student to win the Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award and the Wallenberg Fellowship at U-M. Drawing from both awards, she’s expanding her work to use data to help sexual assault survivors in Ethiopia.

Palace of the People
When the opportunity came for two professors to participate in the Chicago Architecture Biennial, they listened to elders from the Potawatomi Nation and found a way to reckon architecture’s relationship to the Indigenous peoples of Chicagou.

Science and Serendipity
John Mitani spent his entire faculty career at U-M, a career that was not available to either of his parents. Now the first-generation student scholarship he established in their name will help other students spark the passion that leads to their degree.

Learning on the Lake
A new LSA program connects students to the culture, history, and language of the Great Lakes.

Singing the Song of the Land
Alumnus Marcelo Hernandez Castillo’s new memoir invites readers on a journey through the borderlands.

Launch Pad
For 20 years, the Michigan Community Scholars Program has empowered and supported students by helping them connect to the things they care about—and to each other.

Take It Outside
LSA offers numerous summer learning and outreach opportunities for K–12 and college students, including Earth Camp, where students swim in the Great Lakes and hike in Yellowstone.

Mapping the Universe
For one alumna, there was more to being a college student than meets the eye. For instance? Searching for an undiscovered planet in the outer solar system.