The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is once again making news in the world of academia and beyond. The University of Michigan was one of three universities featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education for its investment in humanities research.

The article highlights the Humanities Collaboratory, an expansive project that provides resources to support cross-disciplinary and cross-generational humanities research. Founded in 2015, the Collaboratory is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation among humanities scholars. The Humanities Collaboratory budget is part of the more than $23.5 million that U-M spent on humanities research in 2016, making it one of only two universities that dedicated more than five percent of its overall research and development spending on the humanities.

LSA’s humanities division is home to 18 degree units and various research resources, including the Collaboratory and the Institute for the Humanities. Altogether, it is one of the largest research areas within the university. LSA humanities scholars explore an array of topics focused on understanding the human experience, such as the intersection of race and identity, digital culture, language contact and discrimination, literature about immigrant experiences, and ancient cuneiform script.

“We are excited to be recognized by the Chronicle as a leader among public institutions for our investment in humanities research,” said Anne Curzan, associate dean for the humanities and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of English, linguistics, and education at LSA. “The humanities is an integral part of understanding and navigating our world, and through our research and commitment, LSA and the University of Michigan illustrate just how this area of study continues to impact the lives of people every day.”

Read the full Chronicle article here.