As conversations around sexual harassment have come to the public forefront, two LSA faculty will co-lead the University of Michigan’s role in a national initiative to address this issue. The University Record reported that U-M joined the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to create an action collaborative to prevent  sexual harassment in higher education.

LSA faculty members Fiona Lee, associate dean of diversity, equity, inclusion and professional development, an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology, and Sara Pozzi, professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences in the College of Engineering and physics at LSA, will lead efforts to build partnerships and take action to tackle sexual harassment, bullying, and other forms of harassment.

“Sexual harassment is completely detrimental to [creating a positive community where everyone's contributions are valued and people are thriving.] It has no place on campus. I’m pleased that U-M is embracing the importance of this national initiative and working with our colleagues across campus and the country to address this in a consistent and effective way,” said Lee in the article.

Pozzi was also quoted in the piece. “We are excited about the important work that will be done in the framework of this action collaborative,” she said. “The work will include raising awareness of all the nuances of sexual harassment, including more subtle forms such as gender harassment, and coming up with solutions to these important issues.”

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