Forty-eight teams and 314 staff members from across all units and positions within the college participated in the hunt, finding unique spots all around the U-M campus and tweeting out the hilarity that ensued using #LSA200.

"The scavenger hunt developed our teams and made us appreciate the history and beauty around us, which we sometimes take for granted or don't even realize was  there on our way to work," said Katharine Guarino, an LSA-HR associate.

Teams were given a list every week of ten locations  around campus that they needed find  within the week and take a great picture or selfie. Locations ranged from the Museum of Natural History pumas to the central flag pole, and staff members were given time to explore campus, find historical items and landmarks, and build stronger relationships within their departments and teams.

"I think the most rewarding part of being on the Hunt committee was walking outside to eat lunch and seeing teams walking around campus with their buffs and hunt t-shirts, going from location to location,” said Evan Gerstein, Dean’s Fellow and scavenger hunt committee member. “Many times they would run into other teams and help them take the photos! It was a great example of fun and camaraderie."

A committee of nine members from across the college met and planned out this scavenger hunt, after the idea was first had in a bicentennial brainstorming session. The nine team members included Gretchen Kopmanis from LSA Information Technology, Jennifer Eshelman from Sociology, Laurie Sanders from Facilities, Nick Hadwick from Management. Information Systems, Alicia Simon from Academic and Faculty Affairs, and Donna Begley, Evan Gerstein, and Latisha Cunningham from the Dean’s Office.

Gretchen Kopmanis, Chair of the LSA Scavenger Hunt Committee said, “We got out as a college and had fun. I truly feel this event not only got us MHealthy (as a fun perk!), but also helped us create new bonds with our peers and coworkers within  the teams and across units.”  

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