From music to marketing to media, LSA alums have made their mark in nearly every industry, and now they’re ready to tell you how you can make your mark, too.

Today, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts launched “LSA All Stars,” a video series that will feature alumni from some of the country’s leading industries, who share advice and quick tips on how to create your own lane to success and happiness. Each episode will feature a different LSA alum giving their take on how to be successful. The All Stars include Tracy Wolfson, Lead Sideline Reporter and Host for CBS Sports; Dick Costolo, CEO of CHORUS and former CEO of Twitter; and Danielle McDowell, Digital Marketing Director at Columbia Records.

“Be yourself, be kind. It’s hard to be successful if you aren’t good to others,” Wolfson says in the first video of the series. “To have longevity in my business, or any business, just be a good person.”

The series is geared towards LSA students looking to build their network and access career-related resources through the LSA Opportunity Hub and Newnan Advising Center. These alums are hoping to inspire the next generation of leaders to live the liberal arts and leverage their education to make a positive impact on the world.

You can watch the “LSA All Stars” series on YouTube.