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Advisor Roundtables

Advisor Roundtables is a recurring series of events (on the last Friday of most months) designed to enrich our sense of intellectual community and facilitate regular conversations about best practices and the place of advising in higher education.

A Quick Overview of the Roundtable’s Mission & Ideals: 

  • We Are an Intellectual Community:  The underlying point of all three kinds of events is to foster and foreground a shared sense of ourselves as an intellectual community, with a range of academic and other kinds of knowledge at hand and a distinct role to play in higher education.  This is meant to be both descriptive of the real state of things and prescriptive, encouraging us to actively and visibly pursue an ideal vision of advising.
  • This Is What We Do:  Our goal is to establish such events as essential tools of our work, embedding them in our sense of how we think about what we do, how we talk to one another, how we foreground the varieties of intellectual energy we bring to advising.  And maybe someday some scholarship will come out of it.
  • All Discussions Are Led:  Our goal is to have genuinely crafted, orchestrated conversations, no matter the type of event (discussion, workshop, talk), along the lines of a good discussion-based class.  This ensures the most productive use of everyone’s time, and that our conversations don’t simply serve as a chance to vent but to explore topics meaningfully and with some depth.