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Newnan Operations Work Group

Awardees: Cathy Conway-Perrin, Susan Gass, Laura Gerker, Rob Gordon, Trevor Kilgore, Lynn Shock, David Krstovich

Department/Unit: Newnan Academic Advising

Let's get to know Newnan Operations Work Group...

How long have you been with the university and how long in your current position?

Cathy Conway-Perrin: 27 years at the U and 12 in current position

Susan Gass: About 23 years at the University and over 10 in my current role.

Laura Gerker: University: 3 years in May at the U. and just over 1 year in current position

Robert Gordon: 20 years at UM and 10 years in current position

Trevor Kilgore:  Came to UM in Fall 2017 as a PhD student in the History Department. Worked at Newnan for 4 years. Served in my current role for 2 years.

Lynn Shock:  I have been with the university for 22 years in May. I have been with Newnan Advising for 19 years. The position I am in now is less than a year.

David Krstovich: Two years this May

What has been your most memorable experience at U-M?

Cathy Conway-Perrin: Hearing President Obama speak at Commencement

Laura Gerker: Attending a talk given by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. It was memorable not only because of the content of her talk or the way she interacted with the audience but it was the first time I had taken advantage of such an opportunity here at the University - opportunities similar to this happen on a regular basis which is one of the great privileges of working here.

What gives you a connection to your job and helps you define your purpose?

Trevor Kilgore: Working with students to help them find their purpose.

David Krstovich: Working as a writing consultant and helping students to craft their essay narratives for graduate and professional school applications.


What motivates and energizes you at work?

Susan Gass: Good conversations with my colleagues.

Lynn Shock: The people I work with motivate me. I am so fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues who are so willing to help support me on projects or when I need help personally. My office is willing to do a food train when people are out because of surgery, injury, or someone who had a baby.

What advice would you give to a new employee at the university?

Laura Gerker:: Don't let the learning curve intimidate you - let it excite you as you learn new and great things and find your people to make you feel more connected to the university - they don't have to be just in your department, there's chances to meet others through a variety of different channels such as LPD courses or interest groups!

David Krstovich: Great conversations with my students about their academic goals and professional aspirations.

What is one thing about yourself you think people would be surprised to know?

Cathy Conway-Perrin: Get to know people in your own and other offices. Relationships are important for all kinds of reasons.

Lynn Shock: That I do triathlons!

If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be?

Susan Gass: Chocolate hazelnut

Trevor Kilgore: Frutti di Bosco (gelato)