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Staff Spotlight

Nomination DEADLINE: October 19, 2018
Note: Nominations can be submitted at any time.

The Staff Spotlight Task Team was formed as a subcommittee of the LSA HR Council in February 2003. Responding to its charge of finding creative ways to recognize staff within the college, the task team brainstormed many ideas. The team's first initiative utilizes the LSA HR web site to showcase the exceptional staff from within the college.

The spotlight recognizes and celebrates achievements and contributions staff make to the successful operation of the college. Staff members are showcased two times each year. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and exemplary performance of individuals and work groups that deserve special recognition.

The LSA Staff Spotlight Committee, as the team is now called, is composed of staff members from across the college. The committee reviews spotlight nominations and makes final recommendations. Articles about the spotlighted staff along with their picture appear on the LSA Web site and social media.

For information regarding eligibility, nomination, selection and notification, please read our guidelines below. E-mail LSA Staff Spotlight with questions, comments and suggestions.

LSA Staff Spotlight Committee

  • Bethany Christoff, Department of Political Science
  • Conni Harrigan, Department of Psychology
  • Britney Jenkins, Office of the Dean
  • Tamara Kennedy, Department of Sociology
  • Margo Lakin, International Institute
  • Amy Lingle, East Hall Business Office
  • Alexa Snyder, Program in the Environment
  • Debbie Walls, Office of the Assistant Dean: Student Academic Affairs

LSA Staff Spotlight Committee email: