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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Power Center for Performing Arts


Anne Curzan
Geneva Smitherman Collegiate Professor of English Language and Literature,
Linguistics, and Education
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Karla Renee Williams
Chief People Officer

Patrick Smitowski
Director, Human Resources

Presented by Patrick Smitowski


Carl Abrego
Social Science Division

Bebe Zuniga-Valentina
Natural Science Division

Wayne High
Humanities Division



Linda S. Anderson, Department of Psychology
Dale E. Austin, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Linda L. Blakley, LSA Finance
David J. Carter, Physics
Mary Lou Chlipala, Department of Film, Television, and Media
Kathy Clark, LSA Human Resources
Sherri Craft, LSA Finance
David E. Crandall, LSA Technology Services
William A. Custer, LSA Technology Services
Lewander G. Davis, English Language & Literature
Darlinda Flanigan, Department of Anthropology
Dwight Fontenot, Comprehensive Studies Program
Jeffery Deland Harrold, Student Academic Affairs
Anne Hudon, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Jane H. Johnson, English Language & Literature
Marcus W. Johnson, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Jeff W. Kampf, Department of Chemistry
Colleen M. Lapere, Sweetland Writing Center
Kevin J. Love, LSA Technology Services
Carolyn M. McCullum, Student Academic Affairs
Faye Portis, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies
Richard K. Rabeler, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Patricia Rogers, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Marga Schuhwerk-Hampel, Department of Film, Television, and Media
Priscilla K. Tucker, Zoology Museum
Marlin Whitaker, LSA Technology Services
Lora L. Wingate, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Wendy Ann Woods, Michigan Community Scholars Program
Diane C. Wyatt, Department of History

Presented by Anne Curzan


10 Years

Mark Bacon, LSA Technology Services
Todd Berenz, Museum of Natural History
Gabriele Carcassi, Physics
Becki Chottiner, LSA Scholarships
Sheri  Circele, Department of Psychology
Jeremiah Cook, LSA Technology Services
Evan James Copeland, Comprehensive Studies
Missy Denny, LSA Finance
Jason Dobkowski, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Samantha Drotar, Department of Psychology
Nicole Dyer, LSA Finance
Christy Elkins, History of Art
Daniel Eyler, Department of Chemistry
Elizabeth Fomin, LSA Technology Services
Eric Galayda, Department of Astronomy
Joseph Johnson, Department of Political Science
Dawn Johnson, Museum of Natural History
Michael Jordan, Center for Global & Intercultural Study
Tammy Kennedy, Asian Languages & Cultures
Peter Knoop, LSA Technology Services
Amanda Kosnik, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Matthew Meriwether, LSA Facilities
Julie Monteiro de Castro, Michigan Language Assessment
Emily Moore-Marshall, Residential College
Matt Olex, LSA Technology Services
JP Pagan, Michigan Language Assessment
Anson Pesek, Department of Chemistry
Peter Schwankl, LSA Technology Services
Emily Sejfulla, LSA Procurement
Julia Sohn, LSA Advancement
Anne Thomson, LSA Finance
Jessica Wolking, LSA Technology Services
Shannon Zuniga, M-Sci Program

20 Years

Carl Abrego, Residential College
Ana Austin, Physics
Jeffrey Craft, History of Art
Natasa Gruden-Alajbegovic, International Institute
Amanda Harrison, Faculty Academic Affairs
Paula Hathaway, Faculty Academic Affairs
Heather Johnson, International Institute
Kendall Knell, LSA Advancement
Christopher Malvica, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Jeanine Poore, LSA Advancement
Craig Regester, Residential College
Karie Slavik, Biological Station
Amber Stadler, LSA Finance
Carol Tell, Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts
Katie Vloet, LSA Advancement
Brian Wallace, Department of Psychology
Kimberly Wolf, History of Art
Alex Zwinak, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology


Dave Perhne, LSA Technology Services
Andrea Stoddard, Biophysics


Linda Blakley, LSA Finance
Beth Demkowski, Department of Physics
Jane Johnson, English Language & Literature


Alan Young, Department of Film, Television, and Media

*All milestones as of 12/31/22



Presented by Greg Dowd
Associate Dean for Humanities
Helen Hornbeck Tanner Collegiate Professor

Rising Star
Mallory Bower
Executive Secretary
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Natural Sciences

Presented by Myron Campbell
Associate Dean for Natural Sciences

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Employee
Alex Franklin
Executive Coordinator
Department of Chemistry

Rising Star
Christopher Bluteau
Facilities Assistant
Department of Chemistry

Social Sciences

Presented by Barbra Meek
Associate Dean of Social Sciences

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Employee
Melinda Nelson
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Department of Anthropology

Rising Star
Shaquetta Morris
Student Services Coordinator
Department of Linguistics and Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science

Undergraduate Education

Presented by Kelly Maxwell
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Employee
Logan Corey
Director of Residential College Admissions, Recruitment, & MLC Administration
Residential College

Rising Star
Sarah Unrath
Community Engagement Specialist & Brand Manager, Curator,
Co-Coordinator of Linkage Community
Residential College

Dean’s Office

Presented by Steve Schlecht
Executive Director of Administration and CFO

Rising Star
Alyssa Tyrrell
Customer Service Representative
LSA Technology Services

Presented by Patrick Smitowski

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Employee
Emily Haygood
Senior Academic HR Representative
LSA Human Resources


Presented by Patrick Smitowski

Mary Schlitt
Associate Director
Barger Leadership Institute


Presented by Anne Curzan

Department of Physics / LSA Technology Services / LSA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Department of Physics

Carol Rabuck
Monica Woods
Conor Heany
Nick Arnold

LSA Technology Services

Jesse Miller
John (Jan) Stewart
Karl Aldag
Sanam Aldag
Jean Arnold
Todd Austin
Christopher Elly
Bob Pelcher
Kevin Mulrooney
Moni Dressler

LSA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jessica McCuaig

Individual Staff Award for Contributions to LSA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Presented by Jessica Garcia
LSA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hana Mattar
Program Coordinator
Global Islamic Studies Center
International Institute

Julie Winningham
Executive Secretary
Department of Anthropology

Additional Nominees for Staff Awards

Presented by Patrick Smitowski

Jean Arnold, LSA Technology Services
Elise Borbely, Department of History
Lisa Broome, LSA Honors
Alicia Comer, Museum of Natural History
Imara Dawson, International Institute
Beth Dutridge-Corp, Faculty Academic Affairs
Jacqueline Glebe, Program in Biology
Linda Hanes Miller, International Institute
Irene Hochgraf, Department of Anthropology
Xueye Hu, Department of Physics
Luna Hughson, Department of Anthropology
Brian Hunter, LSA Facilities
Joe Johnson, Department of Political Science
Judy McDonald, Department of Statistics
Jesse Miller, LSA Technology Services
Barb Oliver, Science Learning Center
Lisa Parisi, Department of Anthropology
Christina Ruhfel, Department of Mathematics 
Danielle Schmidt, International Institute
Kristen Stamboulian, Department of Statistics
Amy Winchester, Museum of Anthropology Archaeology
Nicole Wolfe, LSA Finance



Karla Renee Williams


2022–23 Staff Achievement Awards Selection Committee

Jerri Atkins, LSA Human Resources
Beth Dutridge-Corp, LSA Graduate Education
Amy Grier, University Human Resources
Neal McKenna, English Language Institute
Kevin O'Neill, Department of Film, Television, and Media;
Communication and Media; Women and Gender Studies
Jennifer Stalmack, LSA Human Resources

Staff Achievement Awards Planning and Support

Jerri Atkins, LSA Human Resources
Kim Lewandowski, LSA Human Resources
Patrick Smitowski, LSA Human Resources
Jennifer Stalmack, LSA Human Resources


Michigan Media


Michigan Photography


University Productions Staff, School of Music, Theatre & Dance