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LSA Student Employee DEI Certificate Program

FALL 2022

Students will be notified by Friday, Sept. 30th at noon as to the status of their application. Accepted participants will be asked to confirm at that time. 

A paid DEI Certificate program for LSA undergraduate student employees!

Help make LSA a more inclusive space for all students, and equip yourself to be a leader for diversity, equity, and inclusion in your future workplace. 


1) Enhance your capacity to apply DEI skills in the workplace, in LSA and beyond

2) Reflect on how DEI influences your life experience

3) Expand your network with other LSA student leaders


Open to all undergraduate students currently employed in an LSA unit. Graduate students are encouraged to view the Rackham DEI Certificate Program here


This professional development certificate is non-credit-bearing and will not show up on your transcript.

All students chosen for the LSA DEI Certificate Program must complete two parts of the program to get the certificate:

  • Part I of the program consists of Learning and Cohort Building, comprised of four DEI learning modules and group orientation. This portion is directly intended to increase your capacity to support LSA's anti-racism and DEI work.  Fifty participants will be chosen from among the applicants this year. They will receive a stipend ($150) for Part I (estimate 10 hours per employee).
  • Part II of the program culminates in an unpaid, self-designed capstone project (estimate 10 hours per employee). As a high impact educational practice, the capstone project will allow you to integrate your learning from Part I and apply it within your sphere of influence. You will present your project at a poster fair, where it will be eligible for monetary awards in each track.

Part I: Learning, Cohort Building

WHEN: Fall 2022

WHAT: Group orientation, plus four (virtual or in-person), 2-hour sessions focused on key DEI topics.

WHERE: Wednesdays via Zoom, Fridays in person. 


  1. Social IDs, Professional IDs, Privilege, Oppression, Unconscious Bis
  2. Racism & Anti-Racism
  3. Allyship
  4. Sustaining the Work through Self- and Community-Care

Part II: Capstone Project & Presentation

WHEN: Winter 2023

WHAT: DEI-focused capstone project             


  • Choose this track if you are interested in deepening your understanding of some aspect of the LSA DEI Certificate covered in Part I, or in learning about a topic not addressed in depth in the first half of the certificate program.            


  • Choose this track if you're interested in developing a project that will directly address an issue or problem in the unit you work for or another unit on campus. If you work on a project for your employment site, we will ask for approval from your supervisor.


I have a major in LSA but I work for Housing. Am I eligible to apply for the DEI certificate?
No, this program is only open to undergraduate students directly employed by LSA.

I am studying for a major outside of LSA, but employed by an LSA unit. Am I eligible to apply for the DEI certificate?
Yes, this program is open to undergraduate students directly employed by LSA regardless of your college, school or major.

Am I eligible to apply as a graduate student?
While not eligible for this program, graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Rackham Diversity Certificate Program here.

How much will we get paid?
You will be awarded a stipend of $150 for an estimate of 10 hours of participation in Part I (only) of the program. You must still complete Part II to be eligible for the DEI Certificate.

What topics are covered in Part I?
Topics in Part I include: (1) Social IDs, Professional IDs, Privilege, Oppression, & Unconscious Bias, (2) Racism & Anti-Racism, (3) Allyship, and (4) Sustaining the Work through Self- & Community-Care.

Will this certificate show up on my academic transcript? 
This is a professional development certificate and will not be on your academic transcript. You are encouraged to list it on your resume, LinkedIn profile, internship or job applications, and other places you note your professional credentials.

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