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A Workshop on Power, Privilege, and Status


Imagine waking up wealthy tomorrow, with no need to work unless you wanted to. Or looking in the mirror and seeing the fittest, healthiest, most attractive person you can imagine. Now imagine you didn’t have to expend any time or energy to achieve these things—wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If we’re being honest, we all desire power and status in some respect, but not everyone is born with these privileges. While most of us will work hard to achieve higher status in our lifetimes, the majority of us have also accepted we can only aspire to a certain level of status because of things beyond our control.

Join us as we learn about power and privilege, how privilege is distributed in our society, and how it can help or hurt our chances of achieving our goals. We’ll talk about the barriers we each confront and how can we start dismantling barriers to things including education, wealth, and personal well-being so we all have a fair chance at success.

You will learn to:

  • Define power and privilege in the context of real world examples
  • Understand how privilege is linked to oppression
  • Consider the many aspects to your identity and the identities of those around you that affect experiences of power and privilege
  • Discuss power and privilege in an open and respectful way
  • Create positive change in your workplace and other settings by applying strategies that challenge entrenched systems and ideas that grant unearned privileges and perpetuate oppression.

You will benefit by:

  • Better understanding how your identity affects the opportunities and challenges you confront in life
  • Gaining perspective about the experiences of people from different identity groups
  • Acquiring tips and tools to address unhealthy power dynamics in your workplace and society
  • Learning how to identify and talk about power, privilege, and oppression to positively influence workplace decisions

Audience: Any and all LSA staff members will benefit from participating in this session and are welcome to join us.

Length: 2 hours

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To request a private or customized session please email