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Ukrainian Language, Literature, and Culture Minor

Effective Fall 2012


Academic minors in Slavic Languages and Literatures are not open to those electing a concentration or any other academic minor in the department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, nor to those who are electing a concentration in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

Students could concurrently pursue this academic minor with one in REES with the following restrictions:

(1). REES academic minors may not count any course for which Slavic is the home unit.

(2). Slavic academic minors may not count REEES 397 or any course for which REES is the home unit, which includes SLAVIC 395 and 396.


Students wishing to pursue an academic minor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with Svitlana Rogovyk (Language Coordinator)

Appointments are scheduled online at


UKR 251: Second-Year Ukrainian (with a grade of "C" or better) or equivalent as determined by the Departmental placement examination.


Minimum Credits: 16
  1. UKR 252: Second-Year Ukrainian
  2. 12 credits in courses selected from the following two categories, with at least 6 credits from Category A.
    1. Category A: Ukrainian Language, Literature, and Culture
      • UKR 320: Ukrainian Poetry
      • UKR 351: 3rd Year Ukrainian I
      • UKR 352: 3rd Year Ukrainian II
      • UKR 421: Directed Readings in Ukrainian Literature
      • SLAVIC 290: Studies in E European Culture, section titled "Cultures of Ukraine" (F17)
      • SLAVIC 490: Issues in the Cultures of Eastern Europe, section titled: "Introduction to Ukrainian Culture"
      • UKR 320: Introduction to Ukrainian Poetry
    2. Category B: Eastern European Slavic Culture (No more than 6 credits from this category)
      • HISTORY 432: Medieval and Early Modern Russia
      • RUSSIAN 435: Cultural History of Russian Jews
      • SLAVIC 240: Slavic Folklore
      • SLAVIC 261: Introduction to Baltic Cultures
      • SLAVIC 270 / JUDAIC 271: Contact and Conflict: Jewish Experience in Eastern Europe
      • SLAVIC 290: Studies in Eastern European Cultures, sections titled: "Revolution in the Attic" or "Rock Kills Communism" or "Russian Jews under Tsars & Soviets: Literature, Arts and Film"
      • SLAVIC 313: Russian and Ukrainian Cinema
      • HISTORY 332 / POLSCI 395 / REEES 395 / SLAVIC 395 / SOC 392: Russia and the Soviet Union section titled "Survey of Russia"
      • SLAVIC 490: Issues in the Cultures of Eastern Europe, section titled: "Rock Kills Communism" or "Revolution in the Attic"

      (Up to 3 Credits) Study Abroad, Summer Internships in Ukraine and/or Field Work in Ukrainian Communities of Metro Detroit.
        The Department offers help in negotiating summer internships with companies in Ukraine or within local Ukrainian communities.