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Social Class and Inequality Studies

Effective Fall 2019

Grade Policies

All courses in the minor in Social Class and Inequality Studies must be completed with a C- or above




Minimum Credits: 15

Foundational Course: WGS (WOMENSTD) / SOC 216 — Thinking Class: Inequality in Media, Bodies, Environment, and More or SOC 242 — The Experience of Social Class in College and the Community

Of the total 15 credits, at least six credits must be taken in Women's and Gender Studies.

Electives: Four electives (12 credits) from a list of approved courses.  At least two courses must be at the 300 level or above, with at least one at the 400 level.

 Courses in Women's Studies

  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / SOC 216: Thinking Class: Inequality in Media, Bodies, Environment, and More
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / NURS 220:  Perspectives in Women's Health
  • WGS 250 (WOMENSTD 250):  Race, Gender and Nation
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / PSYCH 297: Promoting Equity and Inclusion in the Academy and the Workplace
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / PSYCH 309: Psychology of Social Change: Gender and Global Feminism
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / ENGLISH 314: Gender and Sexuality Studies in Literature, section titled "Narratives of Girlhood"
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / ENGLISH 315: Women and Literature, section titled, "Working-Class Women's Literature"
  • WGS 319 (WOMENSTD 319): Race, Class, and Women's Reproductive Health
  • WGS 331 (WOMENSTD 331): Feminist Theoretical Perspectives in Gender and Health
  • WGS 335 (WOMENSTD 335): Gender and Globalization
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / AAS / HISTORY 337: Black Women in the U.S., Part II: Contemporary Perspective in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / AAS 365:  Global Perspectives on Gender, Health, and Reproduction
  • WGS 374 (WOMENSTD 374): Race, Gender and Incarceration
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / PSYCH 394: Sex, Sexuality and Public Policy
  • WGS 410 (WOMENSTD 410): Reproductive Justice: Legal and Ethical Issues
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / AMCULT 411: Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music
  • WGS 417 (WOMENSTD 417): Race, Gender, & Mental Health in the 19th Century
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / ANTHRO 428: Sex Panics in the UK and the US
  • WGS (WOMENSTD) / ANTHRO 446: Sex and the City: Urban Geography and Sexual Locations
  • WGS 443 (WOMENSTD 443): Pedagogy of Empowerment: Activism in Race, Gender, and Health

Courses in Other Departments

  • AAS 347 / HISTORY 329 / RCSSCI 343 / SOC 335: Urban Inequality in America
  • AAS 453: Culture, Class, and Conflict in Southern Africa
  • ALA / PSYCH / SOC 218: Foundations of Intergroup Relations
  • AMCULT / HISTORY 440: American Thought and Culture Since 1940
  • AMCULT / SOC 221: Social Inequality
  • ASIAN 383: Wealth and Poverty in Korea: What it means to be rich (or not) in Korea
  • ECON 325: Economics of Education
  • ECON 320: Survey of Labor Economics
  • ENGLISH 290: Themes in Language and Literature, section titled: "Working Class Literature"
  • ENGLISH 317: Literature and Culture, section titled: "Rust Belt Literature" or "Inside-Out Prison Exchange"
  • ENGLISH 384: Caribbean Literature, section titled "Caribbean Women Writers"
  • ENGLISH 390: Literature and Culture, section titled "The Theory Mess"
  • ENGLISH 450: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, section titled: "Medieval Rebels"
  • ENVIRON 222 - Introduction to Environmental Justice
  • HISTORY 282: A History of the Economy
  • HISTORY 445: Topics in History, sections titled: "Capitalism and Socialism" or "What is Capitalism?"
  • MEMS 220: Knights, Peasants, and Bandits
  • ORGSTUDY 495: Special Topics in Organizational Studies, section titled: "Organizations and Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender in Education"
  • POLSCI 332: The Politics of America's Economic Inequality
  • RCSSCI 360: Social Science Junior Seminar, section titled "Labor Movements, Inequality and Democracy"
  • RCSSCI 365: Excellence, Equity, and the Politics of Education
  • SOC 233: Social Problems
  • SOC 242: The Experience of Social Class in College and the Community
  • SOC 305: Sociological Theory
  • SOC 315: Economic Sociology
  • SOC 495: Topics in Sociology, section titled: "Inequality in Education"
  • SOC 503: The Sociology of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
  • SOC 595 - Topics in Sociology, sections titled: "Social Stratification" or "Stable and Integrated Housing for America's Working Poor"


At least 10 credits in the minor must be elected in-residence: : Courses elected on the Ann Arbor campus or at off-campus sites directed by Ann Arbor faculty. This includes STDABRD, Camp Davis, Biological Station, Michigan-in-Washington.