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Polish Major

Effective Winter 2013


Piotr Westwalewicz should be consulted by prospective majors before the end of the sophomore year. Appointments are scheduled online at


POLISH 121, 122, 221, and 222, or the equivalent.


Minimum Credits: 27

At least 15 of the 27 credits must be upper-level (300 or above).

  1. Polish Language: 6-12 credits of POLISH 321, 322, 421, 422; or equivalent
  2. Polish Literature: 6-9 credits of POLISH 325, 326, 432
  3. Polish Culture: 6-9 credits of POLISH 214, 215, 314, 450, SLAVIC 490*
  4. Electives. 3-9 credits of:
    • SLAVIC 225, 240, 270, 312, 396, 490* (Polish topics);
    • HISTORY 330, 331
    • REEES 396

*(appropriate sections of SLAVIC 490 include “Rocks Kill Communism” and “Revolution in the Attic”)

Up to two terms of another Slavic language (Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian); see department for additional course options).


At least 15 of the 27 required credits must be taken in residence or through a study abroad program affiliated with the University of Michigan.  Study Abroad credit may count toward the major. Please consult with the Polish advisor prior to studying abroad.

Distribution Policy

No course used to fulfill a major requirement may be used toward the LSA Distribution Requirement. In addition, courses in the RUSSIAN, BCS, CZECH, POLISH, SLAVIC, and UKR subject areas may not be used toward the Distribution Requirement.