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Computer Science Major

Effective Fall 2012

Grade Policies

Students may repeat a pre-major course once, for a maximum of two attempts at each course, and only the final grade for the course will be used to compute the premajor GPA. Only courses with grades of C+ or below can be repeated for this purpose.

Grades of C or better must be achieved in all courses taken to satisfy Computer Science requirements.


To declare in the LSA Computer Science (CS) major a student must first complete 4 pre-courses for the major. These are: EECS 203 or MATH 465* or MATH 565*, EECS 280, MATH 115, MATH 116. Performance in these classes is indicative of student aptitude for the Computer Science program, and students who do not perform well are encouraged to meet with a CS-LSA advisor. (*Note that MATH 465/565 require significantly more mathematical background than does EECS 203. Speak to an advisor before selecting these courses.)


At least 27 credits must be upper-level.

  1. Core Courses:
    1. Computer Science: EECS 281, 370, 376.
    2. Probability and Statistics: STATS 206, 250, 280, 412, 426, STATS 265/IOE 265, ECON 451 (F17), or TO 301 (F17).
  2. Capstone Course (which may not be counted as CS Upper Level Technical Elective below): Senior Thesis (EECS 443),  Major Design Experience Course (check with the department for current list of approved MDE courses), or Social Computing Systems (EECS 480) (only if elected FA19 or later).
  3. Upper-Level CS Technical Electives. 16 credits. Check with the department for an up-to-date list of approved Upper Level CS elective courses. The department can suggest groupings of electives that pursue different tracks such as software development, robotics, or bioinformatics, among various others.

Comprehensive and up-to-date information about the computer science program can be found on the web at:

Distribution Policy

No course used to fulfill a major requirement may be used toward the LSA Distribution Requirement. In addition, courses in the EECS subject area may not be used toward the Distribution Requirement.


Students wishing to complete an Honors major in Computer Science must have earned a 3.2 or higher GPA in the four required pre-courses for the major (MATH 115, 116, EECS 203 and 280). Student must also have earned an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher (as required by LSA for Honors), and must have a final major GPA in Computer Science of 3.5 or higher. Students must complete the Senior Thesis course (EECS 443), write a thesis, and make an oral presentation of the thesis results, with the faculty advisor and a second faculty member determining whether the thesis is of a quality that qualifies the students for Honors.